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Koibi c04

Reviving our very first project. This release isn't in order but chapter four is a oneshot unrelated to the previous three chapters so no worries. Chapter three will come later.

Chapter 4 downloads: mediafire & 4shared

(Lots of thanks and gratitude to lyrebird.)
Note that the English title of Hisho Ikuseichuu has been changed from Secretary-in-Training (Hochuuami title) to My Lovely Secretary, the publisher's title.

Also, just a reminder that links to old Hochuuami titles that we've recently picked up (and only the titles we've picked up, sorry) are available on the urusai! Release Downloads page. This includes Love Life by Nase Yamato, My Lovely Secretary by Sakuya Sakura, and Toiki Yori mo Yasashii by Masara Minase.

And finally, here's chapter 2: mediafire & 4shared

oh dear lord

Why, oh why, does this place not sell Jergen's lotion? Why must I suffer the oiliness and general nastiness of Nivea? >.< I'm sorry, Germany, but your Nivea lotion sucks hairy balls and leaves me feeling like ass. Sweaty, sticky, unwashed ass.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

*Edited to add: Ok, got woken up and told I should be careful not to let a flamewar develop. So...some comments have had to be deleted. Apologies to all the commenters involved >.<, I know you're not out to create problems. The situation's just a bit touchy, that's all. Sorry :( Also, this post has been edited to tone it down just a bit.

This is going to escalate the argument, possibly (probably), but I thought I should answer these charges of rude, problematic, and cruel behaviour that have been brought up in a comment in this post and in some private messages. (I swear this is the last post on this matter, though. Cross my heart and all that!)

First of all, the project in question was passed on to us by the original group doing it. They gave us both cleaned, leveled scans and complete translations. I suppose I was rude and cruel to assume that because the original group passed the project to us, and because other groups generally don't like doubling on projects, that no other group was going to do it? So when I got the scans and translations, I should've then proceeded to ask everyone else if they wanted to do it? Just, you know, so I know whether I have permission to use the scans and translations we were given instead of getting rid of them. Though maybe if we're going to talk permission and rudeness, I should be asking the mangaka and publishers first and foremost...

Secondly, you make the assumption that I've got the time, the resources, the energy, and the motivation to go around checking every single group out there to see if they've got a project I'm interested in listed somewhere. If you don't know how many scanlators are out there, you should try checking Baka Updates sometime. On a lucky day, I get maybe an hour or so of personal time on the internet. Sorry, but I prefer to spend that time more productively.

You also assume that because it's on someone else's list, we didn't already have this planned first simply because we don't put up public lists of projects we haven't released anything for (mostly because we don't think other groups should hesitate to do or be prevented from doing a project that we may or may not succeed in getting out there). That doesn't mean we don't have private lists of projects we're working on and are trying to get released. We just don't want other teams to have to give up a project just because it's on our list because, who knows, we might suddenly run out of qc-ers or something so it never gets released. Do you think that we don't look forward to scanlating these projects even if another group picks it up before we can release? Do only other groups get to look forward to scanlating a project?

And by your thinking, isn't it rude and cruel of other teams to not ask us first before they pick up a project? Or does that not count because we're 1) small, 2) new-ish, 3) don't publicize our projects under consideration?

What I'm asking is for people to not be so childish as to remove my uploads and release announcements from Baka Updates. I didn't realize that asking for this over what, in the end, is just scanlations, for god's sake, was so cruel. I also didn't realize that I was the problem despite the fact that mine is the group that's had its uploads and announcements deleted.

And I'm not sure why you seem to think that I'm getting my way. If I got my way, I'd have a group of over 50 translators and editors working on several dozen projects that I'm interested in. If I got my way, I'd be able to spend all day reading manga without a care in the world. If I got my way, people wouldn't get worked up over another group doing the same project.

I'm certainly not asking anyone to drop any projects. Nor am I going out of my way to prevent anyone from scanning, translating, editing, releasing, uploading, distributing, or announcing their projects. I'm also not asking anyone to not download and read other groups' projects.

And yes, I'm long-winded. I exasperate even myself sometimes.

Toiki c04 + extra + afterword

 And that's the end of Toiki Yori mo Yasashii for us, folks. There's an unrelated oneshot in the book, but we won't be doing it, sorry. I'm pretty much almost totally positive, though, that there'll be a scanlated version of it out there eventually.

Anyway, one project finally done with, whew!

Toiki Yori mo Yasashii c04+extra+afterword (end)
downloads: mediafire4shared

(Links to download c04 and the extra+afterword separately will be available on the downloads page eventually.)

hello? stupid?

I didn't really talk about this the first few times because, god, such stupidity, but this is getting annoying and I'm too tired to listen to my better side. And, eh, turning the other cheek usually just means that I get smiteth on both cheeks.

We're lucky enough that, usually, someone submits a request to add our release to the Baka-Updates site (nice, useful site, by the way). Yes, some of our projects are on the list of current or future (*rolls eyes*) projects of other groups. I don't bitch about it and I don't see any reason for other people to bitch, either. Life, as far as I can tell, goes on for most of the rest of the world.

Not for all the world, though, it seems.

There have been times in the past when one of our releases (and it's always a title that's on another group's list) has apparently made someone upset enough to go to the trouble of removing our release listing from the main Baka-Updates manga site after it had already been put on the site once (making it oh, so obvious that it's been removed).

All I can say is, dude, take a chill pill. This is just scanlations, why're you getting your panties in a knot over it? Instead of wasting your own time getting the urusai! listing removed, you could be doing something more useful like, say, learning Eastern !Xóõ. Here's a useful one: qháakūnûmûlitêèdtxólunàeásàa! Use it with my blessing.